2013 Services: April 21 – May 12

Apr. 21 — Earth Day. UU Principles provide lessons to be considered on Earth Day. Learn more about the UU Ministry for the Earth (UUMFE) and the call to action sent to all congregations. (See p. 2 for that statement.) We will consider what resources are already in place to help us work toward sustainability … [Read more…]

Services: 3-31-13, 4-7-13 & 4-14-13

Mar. 31 — “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Easter Sunday,” with the Rev. Evan Young. We spend most of our lives more or less secure in our convictions about what’s going to happen next, and (oddly) denying what we know is inevitable. And the Easter story told and retold in the Christian … [Read more…]

“What Passover Means to a Secular Jew – My Four Questions” by Dr. Laini Burstein on March 24

What are these questions? Why does an atheist lead a Seder, the ritual Passover meal modeled on a Roman banquet? Why commemorate the ostensible Exodus from Egypt over 3000 years ago, despite scant evidence supporting the existence of Moses? Why proclaim joyfully “next year in Jerusalem” when the heart-wrenching Israeli-Palestinian conflict leaves so many people … [Read more…]