Upcoming Sunday Services

Nov 24th, 2013 UUSC Guest at Your Table Program. Lois Whealey will talk about this year’s Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s Guest at Your Table program–an annual tradition in which congregation members learn about people with whom the UUSC is working. This year, GaYT features people who have empowered others to realize their human rights.  By … [Read more…]

Services for November 2013

Sunday, November 3 “What’s in a Minister?” by the Ministerial Search Committee Please join us this Sunday as we explore what it is we would like to have in a new minister. Because of the floor refinishing project, this service will be held at the Athens Community Center. Sunday, November 10 “The 11th Hour” by … [Read more…]

Programs for October 2013

Sunday, October 6 “Celebration of the Animals” led by Pat Gordon, Dana Gardner and Barb Harrison We will celebrate the animals in our lives and the many blessings we receive as a result of our relationships with them. So, bring your well-behaved beasties (or photos of them!) and some plastic bags (just in case!) and … [Read more…]

Services for September 2013

September 1@10:30am “Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman” presented by Pat Gordon For Labor Day we will be presenting a 24 minute documentary on the life and legacy of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones. Mother Jones was an early 20th century labor organizer whose influence shaped the course of the labor movement. September 8@10:30am “Ingather and … [Read more…]

Services for August 2013

Sunday, August 4 @ 10:30am Ritual: “Celebration of the Grain Harvest” by Sonja Coble & Charlene Suggs Join us for the ritual of Lughnasadh or Lammas. This was the pastoral festival of the grain harvest. Weather permitting, this ritual will be held in the grove. Sunday, August 11 @ 10:30am Service: “The Fires of Creation … [Read more…]

July 2013 Services

July 7 @ 10:30am “Unitarian Universalist Mothers” by Barb Harrison A follow up to the Unitarian Universalist Forefathers presentation, showing how crucial women were in the process of development of these two faith traditions. July 14 @ 10:30am “Building the Past” by William Beale Back in February, we heard from some of our long-time members … [Read more…]

Save Your Water!

Don’t forget to save and bring back water from your summer travels for use in our annual Water Communion Service in September. Travel safely and have a joyous summer!

Services for June 2013

June 2 @ 10:30am “Crime, Justice, and Reconciliation” with Don Shamblin, retired professor of criminology. We will examine competing philosophies and practices of justice, with special attention to reconciliation. Does justice always involve punishment? Can reconciliation substitute for punishment and still serve justice? Join us for this morning’s thought-provoking service! June 9 @ 10:30am “And … [Read more…]