Sunday Sep 14: “Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman” presented by Pat Gordon

On September 14th Pat Gordon will present “Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman”. This is a much requested repeat of last year’s Labor Day presentation. We will be showing a 24 minute documentary on the life and legacy of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones. Mother Jones was an early 20th century labor organizer whose influence shaped … [Read more…]

Sunday Sep 7: Ingathering Service lead by Rev. Smith, Potluck, & Minister Start-up Meeting

Ingathering Service The first Sunday after Labor Day is occasion for our annual Ingathering tradition. We, along with many other UU Congregations, have a Water Ceremony ritual in which we each are invited to share water gathered over the summer–with a short reflection on the meaning of that water. This will be the second worship service … [Read more…]

“You Are Here” with Paul Patton – August 17th

Based on our best approximations, the universe came into being some 13.8 billion years ago. Our world itself is only 4.7 billion years old, with our own species emerging only 200,000 years ago. During this service, we will explore what science currently knows of our place in time and space. We will consider what it … [Read more…]

Aug 3 Sunday Service: Celebrating Co-Ministry in Community with Rev. Lynda Smith

Join us this Sunday, August 3, at 11am for the first service of our new minister Rev. Lynda Smith! Her message is titled “Celebrating Co-Ministry in Community. Our new minister’s vision of how congregations and clergy can build community together.” We are very pleased to welcome our Rev. Lynda Smith as our new minister. Rev. Smith … [Read more…]

No Service on Sunday, June 22

This is just a reminder that there will be no service at the UUFA on Sunday, June 22. All four members of the programming committee will be out of town. Perhaps this is a good time to remind you that the programming committee is looking for more volunteers to join the committee and become service leaders. It … [Read more…]

Trees are People Too with James Frame

Our recently updated First Principle extends inherent worth and dignity to all beings. James will help us understand one reason nonhumans deserve our respect in a discussion of the complex and nuanced interactions between nonhuman beings and examples of nonhuman communication.

Memorial Day with Paul Patton (May 25)

In 1865, Charleston, South Carolina lay in ruin. The city had witnessed the first shots of the Civil War four years earlier. However, on a cool May morning following General Lee’s surrender, freed men and women gathered within the old race course of the city and held the first Decoration Day to honor the dead. As … [Read more…]