UUFA Sunday Rev. Rollins & Feral Children

UUFA SERVICE & POTLUCK THIS SUNDAY March 8, 2020. “Stewardship as a Way of Life” As we begin our 2020-2021 stewardship campaign, Don will lead us in a look at how taking care of important things and people is a way of being in the world. An how UUFA is a place to do both. – … [Read more…]

UUFA: Transgender Theologies & March First!

UUFA SERVICE THIS SUNDAY March 1, 2020. “Transgender Theologies” by delfin bautista   In response to the changing landscape of religious rhetoric regarding sexual and gender diversities, delfin bautista explores the reclaiming of religious narratives through the lives and experiences of trans people. Adopting an interfaith lens, delfin shares how religious communities engage (or don’t engage) gender … [Read more…]

Sunday: Action on Food Insecurity & Flowers!

UUFA SERVICE THIS SUNDAY February 23, 2020. “Action on Food Insecurity” Indivisible Appalachian Ohio (IAO) founder and president, Liz Shaw, is an experienced organizer who has presented on the national, state, and regional levels about rural issues such as broadband, food insecurity, and outreach to low-income populations. Liz will talk this Sunday morning primarily about IAO’s … [Read more…]

This Sunday at UUFA: Love & Embroidery

UUFA SERVICE THIS SUNDAY February 16, 2020. “Love, Part Two.” When is loving our enemies the answer? When is it not the answer? When does loving yourself, protecting yourself, and disagreeing with others preclude loving them? In this talk, we’ll listen to original sources and then discuss each one as a group. Please feel free to join … [Read more…]

Saturday Spaghetti & Sunday “All You Need is Love” by Rev. Rollins

International Sale and Spaghetti Dinner at UUFA on Saturday February 8th at 5:30pm. Advance tickets required by calling Richard 740-818-4775 by Thursday. $10 adults, children’s ticket prices by donation based on appetite :-). Gluten-free and vegan options available by advance reservation.  More donations welcome. Items you purchased overseas and items made overseas are great for donating. … [Read more…]

This Sunday: Acting on the Seven Principles

UUFA THIS SUNDAY January 26, 2020. Acting on the Seven Principles. We’ve been talking a lot at the UUFA about the many opportunities for activism we have to choose from these days. Individually or collectively, do we want to put our Time, Talent, and Treasure into environmental causes, LGBTQIA+ issues, voting rights, the Black Lives Matter … [Read more…]

UUFA Sunday: Defining and Building Community

UUFA THIS SUNDAY January 19, 2020. Defining and Building Community. Katie Evans will share her thoughts on how we define and build community gathered from her own experiences. Come prepared to do some reflecting as well as sharing your own thoughts. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am.  184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701   UUFA CHILDREN THIS SUNDAY: Our children … [Read more…]

This Sunday: Rev. Rollins & Potluck

UUFA THIS SUNDAY January 12, 2020. Finding Our Sweet Spot, by Rev. Don Rollins and Beth Casebolt of our UUA regional office. It’s often easy to come up with ideas as a congregation for what we want to do in our community. But how do we know which ideas we have the ability to fully support and which … [Read more…]

This Sunday: Patrick McGee, Tales, & Harp

UUFA THIS SUNDAY January 5, 2020. Forty Years at the Oars & the Wolf King: Tales of Law & Winter with a Touch of the Harp. Patrick McGee, a semi-retired attorney, never-retired storyteller, always tired Samba dancer, and somewhat inspired musician will weave a tapestry of tales and tunes for the past and present–and perhaps the … [Read more…]