THIS SUNDAY: Indigenous People’s Rights

THIS FRIDAY Our UUFA choir will perform at the Harvest moon Concert proceeds going the Appalachian Peace and Justice Network on Friday, November 22, 2019, 7:00-10:00 pm at Art West with performances by Steve Zarate, Megan Bee, Amethystone and Walk the Ridge. There will be celebrity karaoke performances for peace and justice contest, photo booth, … [Read more…]

This Sunday: Brian Richards on Love

THIS SUNDAY November 17, 2019, Brian Richards will speak on Love. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am.  184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701 THIS SUNDAY for Our Children: This Sunday, November 17th, Marsha N. will be teaching our children. Her lesson will reach various age levels. There will most likely be a poem, story, questions to ponder or discuss … [Read more…]

This Sunday: Rev. Rollins, Potluck & New Members

TODAY, Tuesday, and Wednesday, too: Volunteers are needed to help out fellowship look its best for upcoming rental events. Can you join us today, Tuesday, at 5pm-7pm to tidy up the sanctuary, and/or Wednesday starting at 7pm to tidy up downstairs? If you come Wednesday at 7pm, please enter from outside basement doors, because a … [Read more…]

Friday Waltz, Sunday Samhain

WALTZ CLASS On THIS Friday, October 25th at 6 p.m. at the fellowship. Offered by Lois Gladchild. Though individuals will need to choose to either learn to lead or to follow, there will be no sex or gender assignments to those roles.  You do not need to bring a partner.  (We will work around the turnout that we have.) This … [Read more…]

Finding Your Rhythm in Times of Crisis by Andy Ray

Friday: UUFA Mission and Vision for 2019-2020 – Friday, October 18th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  All are welcome and encouraged to attend a gathering of UUFA members and friends to discuss direction of our fellowship community for this coming year.  We will meet this Friday, October 18th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm in the main sanctuary. We … [Read more…]

Rev. Rollins & Potluck & LOTS of News, too

Tuesday: Our regular Tuesday UUFA Choir Rehearsal. 7pm. Newcomers welcome. Choir Director: Megan Cameron. Friday: The UUFA Board will meet 7pm Friday, October 11th in the Ploghoft room of the fellowship building. SUNDAY October 13, 2019:The Future is Now: Trends in Today’s Liberal Religion with Rev. Don Rollins & POTLUCK.  That old blessing, “May you live in … [Read more…]

Saturday Work Day, Sunday Guest Speaker & Crop Hunger Walk

Tuesday: Our regular Tuesday UUFA Choir Rehearsal.  7pm.  Choir Director: Megan Cameron Friday: The UUFA Programming Committee will meet online via Zoom at 6pm Friday, October 4th. For the Zoom code, contact any board member or programming committee member. Saturday: UUFA Fall Work Day:  Our fall UU Fellowship work day will be Saturday October 5th from 11am until … [Read more…]

This Sunday: “You Do Not Have to be Good: Navigating the World after Christianity”

Tonight: Our regular Tuesday UUFA Choir Rehearsal.  7pm.  Choir Director: Megan Cameron THIS SUNDAY September 29, 2019:  You Do Not Have to be Good: Navigating the World after Christianity  Come hear an articulate and deep-thinking Ohio University neuroscience student raised in a contemporary Christian Evangelical mega church in North Carolina speak about goodness, queerness, neuroscience, Christianity, and more.  … [Read more…]

Lots of News & Our Mabon Service

Tonight: Our regular Tuesday UUFA Choir Rehearsal.  7pm.  Choir Director: Megan Cameron Tomorrow: Wednesday, September 18th in Columbus  – Join De-Escalate Ohio Now, UU Justice Ohio and 23 other organizations from across the state as we march and rally on Sept. 18th to demand that our Ohio Legislators “Do Something” and end gun violence. 12:00 – Gather at Columbus Commons. … [Read more…]