Sunday at UUFA: Spirituality and Health Open Discussion

SUNDAY August 25, 2019 – Open Discussion: Spirituality and Health. Come join our monthly open discussion. Listen and/or share. Service Leader: Brian Richards. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am,  184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701   For Your Children: We’ll start our children’s program this Sunday with the Love Bowl, as usual. Then we’ll go outside to find seeds as Mother Nature … [Read more…]

Sunday UPDATE: delfin bautista will join us again

About this SUNDAY August 4, 2019:  The minister who was scheduled to be our guest this Sunday is unable to attend. We are grateful that delfin bautista, a graduate of Yale Divinity School who formerly worked as the UUA’s LGBT coordinator in Washington, DC, will join us once again and will introduce us to the UUA’s new … [Read more…]

UUFA This Sunday – Rev. Bruce Livingston

SUNDAY August 4, 2019.  Reverend Bruce Livingston will share his story and insights into the divine. From a troubled youth, to life as a Baptist minister, to retirement, he has a message and a story that can excite and inspire us all. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am. 184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701  This week’s SPECIAL … [Read more…]

UUFA: Spirituality & Environment & Bird Feeders, too!

SUNDAY July 28, 2019.   Spirituality & Environment.  Come join our monthly open discussion. Listen and/or share. Coffee 10:30am, Service 11:00am. 184 Longview Heights Road, Athens, Ohio 45701 Service Leader: Brian Richards SPECIAL FOR CHILDREN:  This SUNDAY July 28, 2019, Jessie and Roberta will be making bird feeders with the children. A perfect Sunday to bring children. … [Read more…]

UUFA Sunday – The Science of Happiness

SUNDAY July 21, 2019.  The Science of Happiness, by Brian Richards. Old questions have a way of generating old answers wrapped in new words. The Science of Happiness is a UC Berkeley class, and the vast majority of this service will be a summary of that course. The remainder is a splash of Zen wisdom and … [Read more…]

UUFA July 14th – Potluck & Nate Kojun Hayes

SUNDAY July 14, 2019. Life, Death and the Dharma of Dogs: A Conversation on Zen. Join Kojun, also known as Nate Hayes, as he talks about his discovery of the path of Zen Buddhism, his experiences with his parent’s end of life with Alzheimers and the stunning teachers he feeds twice a day and takes for … [Read more…]

UUFA July 7th – delfin bautista speaks

SUNDAY July 7, 2019.  Stories of siding with love through life’s messiness…insights, bloopers, OMGs, and all. by delfin bautista  delfin writes: “My hope is to create space to explore what siding with love looks like for each of us by sharing a little about my story. After, I would like to invite folks to reflect on … [Read more…]

UUFA Greensheet

SUNDAY June 30, 2019. Spirituality & Politics.  Come join our open discussion. Listen and share. Coffee at 10:30am; Service at 11am. Service Leader: Brian Richards. News from UUA.ORG:  CLOSE THE HOMESTEAD CHILD DETENTION CENTER The Homestead Child Detention Center in Florida is the country’s only for-profit child detention center. Putting children into prison camps is monstrous. This follows a … [Read more…]