TONIGHT 7pm & Sunday: Emerson in Winter

BULLETIN:  Rev. Rollin’s “Time Out Tuesday” is 7pm TONIGHT by Zoom.  Join us if you can. Small group, informal. An every-other-week event.  DETAILS BELOW under “Time Out Tuesdays.”   “Emerson in Winter, Part 1” with Rev. Don Rollins Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  UUs tend to know a little about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s work, but … [Read more…]

A Season for Surviving and Thriving

“A Season for Surviving and Thriving” with delfin bautista Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  During this hectic time of the year made more hectic due to the pandemic, politics, social issues, and life as a whole, delfin will help us explore how to not only survive but thrive through the rest of the year by … [Read more…]

Giving Thanks

“Giving Thanks“ Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  We say “Thank You” a lot. At the end of emails. Out of politeness. But what does giving thanks really mean? Is it the same as gratitude? And how do we give thanks during a pandemic? SUNDAY SERVICE Join by Phone:  Use your phone to dial either 312 626 … [Read more…]

Events Tonight!, Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday

TONIGHT 7pm: Introduction to Natural Burial SATURDAY 10am: UUJO Annual Assembly SUNDAY 11am: Service via Zoom with Marietta’s Rev. Hawbaker TUESDAY 7pm: Time Out Tuesday with Rev. Rollins SUNDAY: Thanksgiving: Let’s Tell a Truer Story by Rev. Kathryn Hawbaker of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  This Sunday we … [Read more…]

The Stars are Nothing Without the Darkness in Between

“THE STARS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT THE DARKNESS IN BETWEEN” Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  What started as an idea to explore the ways in which winter holidays and festivals focus on light—candles, stars, and so on—has morphed into a reflection on the distinctions between lightness and darkness. Light and Dark, black and white, day and … [Read more…]

Rev. Don Rollins on Fear

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear is… Are You Kidding Me, I Have a Bunch of Fears!” by Rev. Don Rollins Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom  Some of us will recognize the first part of Don’s title – an excerpt from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inauguration. The message still rings, but life without any … [Read more…]

Samhain – We Remember Them

THIS SUNDAY November 1, 2020, 11am EDT by Zoom Samhain – We Remember Them  Please join us as we honor our ancestors. It is our tradition at UUFA to honor our loved ones and ancestors who have passed on during our annual Samhain service. We cherish our memory of them and keep them alive in … [Read more…]

Zoom-Made-Easy Blessing of The Animals

BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom   Join us in celebrating our non-human family members and friends with a pet blessing. Through the wonders of a virtual service there will be an opportunity to “show and tell” us about your family member or friend. SUNDAY SERVICE Join by Phone:  Use your phone to dial … [Read more…]

Dangers, Toils, and Snares

“THROUGH MANY DANGERS, TOILS, AND SNARES” by Rev. Don Rollins Sunday 11am EDT by Zoom   You might recognize these lyrics from the third verse of “Amazing Grace”. Our contract minister, Don Rollins, will borrow from the hymn, and a children’s story, to lead us in a reflection on how we persevere. SUNDAY SERVICE Join by … [Read more…]