Our Kids in June!

Written by Ellie Andrews, RE teacher

In June, we focused on the first two principles: that each and every person is important and that all people should be treated fairly and kindly. We explored these principles with consensus decision-making activities, through stories about people who overcame oppression in society, and by practicing giving every person an equal turn trying things out, without unhelpful interruption or criticism. In the process, we’ve designed and started building a fort in the woods, planted blueberry bushes, done science experiments, acted out stories, and much more! It’s been a fabulous month of growth.

July 2013 Services

July 7 @ 10:30am
“Unitarian Universalist Mothers” by Barb Harrison
A follow up to the Unitarian Universalist Forefathers presentation, showing how crucial women were in the process of development of these two faith traditions.

July 14 @ 10:30am
“Building the Past” by William Beale
Back in February, we heard from some of our long-time members about the early days of the UUFA.  In today’s service, engineer William Beale will tell us more about the building itself and how it came to be.  Please join us for this trip down memory lane, and stay for the monthly potluck after service.

July 21 @ 10:30am
“Top Ten Reasons Liberal Religion Still Matters” by Rev. Don Rollins
Every once in a while it’s time to revisist liberal religion and it’s influence within, among and beyond. Rev. Don Rollins served as our minister in the late 1990s. Since then he has traveled the US serving UU churches from North Carolina to Oregon – and some in between.

July 28 @ 10:30am
“Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Baseball” with Jessie Roberson
A lifelong avid sports fan, and in his younger days a well-coached and competent athlete (so says his wife–because Jessie is just too modest!), Jessie will mesh the important life lessons learned through baseball with the UU principles we hold so dear.  Please join us on this journey with Jessie–part exploration of philosophical ideals,  part nostalgia for the care-free days of youth, and a big part of immense gratitude to his sometimes stern but always kind and thoughtful coach.

Save Your Water!

Don’t forget to save and bring back water from your summer travels for use in our annual Water Communion Service in September.

Travel safely and have a joyous summer!

OMD Leadership Training Opportunities!

Are You Ready for Leadership School?
Hurry the deadline is fast approaching! UULTI – the UU Leadership Team Institute is back with 2 offerings this summer – UULTI by the Lake July 31-August 4 in Cananadagua, NY and UULTI on the Hudson August 14-18 in Stoney Brook, NY.

Youth can explore their leadership skills at Goldmine Youth Leadership School West, July 31-August 4 also in Canandagua, NY or Goldmine Youth Leadership School East, August 20-24 in Stoney Brook, NY. Details can be found at www.cerguua.org/uulti or www.cerguua.org/goldmine

Save the Date!
Are you a congregational leader? Take this opportunity to join other congregational leaders in the OMD at this year’s Leadership Day on October 26, 2013 at the UU Church of the North Hills in Pittsburgh, PA. Details and registration will be available on the OMD website in August, save the date today!

District Assembly 2014 will take place at the Avalon Hotel and Conference Center, Erie, PA March 28-29, 2014 with the Rev. Meg Barnhouse at the keynote speaker. Regionalization will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. Put this date on your calendar, you won’t want to miss it!

Looking for Our Whole Lives Training?
CERG is offering Our Whole Lives Training at the West Shore UU Church in Rocky River, OH July 26-28, 2013. Participants must choose one of the three age groups – Elementary (k-1, 4-6), Jr/Sr High (7-9, 10-12) or Young Adult/Adult. Early bird deadline is July 2. Details available on the OMD website at www.ohiomeadville.org/omdevents/619-owloh

UUFA Special June Potluck and Farewell Party for Rev. Evan Young – Sunday , June 9th

Please join us on Sunday June 9th just after service for a special potluck to honor Rev. Evan Young’s service to UUFA over the past 10 years. As many of you know, Rev. Young will be leaving UUFA at the end of June. We look forward to taking the time to pay special tribute to Evan and hope that you can join us. Bring a potluck dish as usual and stay for the celebration. Questions ? Please contact Laura Patton, Marsha Nagy or Barb Harrison.

UUFA Leadership Annual Retreat – Saturday June 8 – 2-7 pm

It’s time again for the annual UUFA Leadership retreat. We are nearing the end of our fellowship year as of June 30 , 2013. Each year we strive to bring leaders together to reflect upon the year’s accomplishments and set plans in place for the coming year. All members are welcome to attend but we especially want to have representation from the leaders of UUFA. This year’s retreat is set for Saturday , June 8th from 2pm – 7pm at the fellowship. We’l break for a late afternoon meal so please bring a potluck dish to share.

For Questions please contact Barb Harrison – 740-707-6197 or harrisob@ohio.edu

Services for June 2013

June 2 @ 10:30am
“Crime, Justice, and Reconciliation” with Don Shamblin
, retired professor of criminology. We will examine competing philosophies and practices of justice, with special attention to reconciliation. Does justice always involve punishment? Can reconciliation substitute for punishment and still serve justice? Join us for this morning’s thought-provoking service!

June 9 @ 10:30am
“And Also With You”  by Rev. Evan Young
After ten years serving as UUFA’s minister, Rev. Evan Young is moving on. And this will be his last Sunday service here. Given the title above, it’s a safe bet that someone will say “Peace Be With You”; beyond that, we’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen. There will be music (including the UUFA Choir!), and laughter, maybe a few tears, and certainly some reflection on our time together. Join us–and stay after the service for our potluck and farewell celebration for Rev. Young!

June 16 @ 10:30am
“Celebrating our Unitarian Forefathers” by Pat Gordon
A look at the founding fathers of Unitarianism and Universalism in the United States from the Revolution to the Civil War. Various movements in each faith will be reviewed with those men who both expounded and criticized each.

June 23 @ 10:30am
“Summer Solstice Ritual: Offerings to the Sun”
We will celebrate the longest day of the year by sending our offerings to the sun on the day of greatest strength!

June 30 @ 10:30am
“GA Report” by Jackie Warmke and Pauline Urbahns
This year’s UUA General Assembly will be held in Louisville, KY from June 19-23 and “will explore the kinds of promises our religious communities are called to make as we seek to live out our Unitarian Universalist values; how we make these promises, with whom, and how we hold ourselves and each other accountable.” Join us for the impressions and insights gained by UUFA delegates Jackie Warmke and Pauline Urbahns.

Service: “Our UU Sources Through Song” on Sunday, May 26

by Sonja Coble

We often talk about the UU Purposes and Principles – the interdependent web, the individual search for truth and meaning, etc. But what about the sources that inspire us? This Sunday we will remind ourselves of the six sources we draw upon by celebrating them through a wide variety of music and song.