Flower Communion (May 11)

The Flower Communion is an annual service led by the programming committee that honors the diversity of life and the unique contribution that we each bring to the fellowship community. Please bring a fresh cut flower to the service for our community bouquet. Following service we will enjoy our second-sunday potluck and have a special business meeting.

Mamas Day Our Way

“Mamas Day” inspires us to step away from the traditional Mother’s Day holiday of flowers and Hallmark cards to honor all mamas with acts of justice and love. Join us on Sunday, May 11, as we celebrate all of the mamas who have nurtured, shaped, and encouraged us throughout our lives. This year, consider the communal … [Read more…]

New Treasurer Welcomed

Kev Polk has decided to step down as Treasurer to devote more time to his Seed Homes. We thank him graciously for his hard work and for stepping up in a time of need. Sam Pattantyus was elected to fill the role at our Feb 23 Annual Business Meeting. Her three year term will begin … [Read more…]