Nice Stuff Sale!

by Dru Evarts The Nice Stuff sale at the shelter near the Athens Swimming Pool on East State Street Sept. 28 needs more workers, more stuff to sell, and more buyers. Funds raised by the Endowment Committee through this effort will never be spent. They go directly into the Endowment investment, with the proviso that … [Read more…]

An Evening with Jim Scott

In addition to getting to hear Jim speak on Sunday morning, “The Fires of Creation – Reflections on Creativity,” he will also be presenting a concert on Sunday evening, August 11 starting at 7:00pm. So plan for a wonderful evening of music and friendship! Composer, guitarist and singer Jim Scott brings a warmth and humor … [Read more…]

Save Your Water!

Don’t forget to save and bring back water from your summer travels for use in our annual Water Communion Service in September. Travel safely and have a joyous summer!